Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Botanical wallpapers from Sandberg

Following on from my recent post on floral interiors, I had to share these gorgeous wallpapers from design studio Sandberg, those stylish Swedes! Apparantely this collection was inspired by a quote from the famous 18th Century Swedish botanist, Carl Linnaeus: “God created the world as a piece of floral wallpaper, and placed people there to live, walk about and enjoy.” Love that!

I think its because I have a bit of a thing for botanical drawings that these really appeal, I particularly love the last wallpaper here, which looks like pages from a botanical book. Will certainly save on ripping pages from that book you found at the flea market and pasting them to your wall individually!

The wallpapers are priced from £65 per roll, which I think isn't too bad. I always try to use the logic of cost per use... and you will look at wallpaper in your home every day.  I don't regret the money I spent on the wallpaper for our hallway as it gives me pleasure every single day! :)

Anyway, check out Sandberg for the full collection, and they can be viewed at their UK distributor Lizzo in London if you want to have a gander in person.


  1. Love the first wallpaper, it is so colourful.

  2. VERY nice wallpaper it is very beautiful for the color wallpaper is very nice ?

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