Sunday, February 3, 2013

DIY: Fabric business card holder

With all this wedding preparation I've been feeling very crafty these days! I guess it just puts you in the mood to create. I wasn't too well this weekend, so was laid up on the sofa. But even when I'm ill I find it hard to 'do nothing', so I decided it was about time I made that little business card holder I've had on my list for ages. Doable from the sofa, and not too taxing!

Basically the business cards I have are a square shape - you can get these made up from most printers, although they usually come under flyers rather than business cards. Just make sure to get a high gsm so they are nice and thick. I got these ones from Print Loft but I have also used Face Media Group. So because of their shape its always been hard to find a suitable holder for them that you can just chuck in your bag so you've always got them on you.

So I thought, the easiest way round it is to make my own! Its not a complex design or hard to make, but I thought I'd share it with you anyway! 

The cards measure 105mm x 105mm, so I cut the fabric approx 130mm wide by 270mm. This is probably a bit wider than is needed but I thought it better to have it wider to give a bit of leeway so you can fit more cards in if needed. Fold the fabric with patterned side facing together, leaving around 45mm for the flap. You also need to fold over a small amount at the other end which will be where your flap will button onto, so that you have a neat edge. 

I hand stitched mine, as you will probably notice from the slightly dodgy hems! But you could do it on your sewing machine - just stitch together the 2 sides, sewing down the piece you folded over for the top. Then I just folded in a hem around the flap, stitched those, and then added some lace trim around the edge of the flap to add interest. Finally I just added a little popper button on the flap to close it. You could add a pretty vintage button here instead if you wanted.

And thats it! really simple, and will keep my cards protected in my bag and look lovely when I get them out to distribute at the next networking event I attend! ;) 


  1. Very nice! Hope you're feeling better and to see you at my networking event tomorrow!

  2. What a fab idea! I already have a business card holder, but I'm trying to think what else I can put in there just so I have an excuse to make one! x

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