Thursday, March 21, 2013

Bright Kitchen tables

I have a real urge to paint everything in sight at the minute, I think its just that thing of wanting a bit of a change or an update in your surroundings.... I'm liking this idea of a brightly painted kitchen table, that would create a bit of statement. This purple one is particularly great as it picks up on some of the shades in the map in the background. Its from the home of Jenny Brandt of Dos Family - it was painted by her father in car paint! fab.

via Design Sponge

via Flickr
via Design is Mine and Elle

via Red Online and The Beautiful Soup
via Blue Tea


  1. I love painted furniture. Most of mine I have painted. The only piece I have yet to paint is my kitchen table. It's 7ft by 4ft and is pine. Waiting
    for the summer!

  2. Great pictures. I just think we are all in need of a little colour after such a drab old winter. Painted furniture is great as it instantly transforms a room and creates a real feature, you can then add accessories to tie in with the new scheme. Purple is en vogue this season and is a really warm, stylish colour. I also really like the yellow table with the contrasting black chairs and the large white kitchens definitely needed an injection of colour otherwise they would feel a bit cold and bland. Great inspiration. I think furniture has taken on a bigger role now, its now longer purely 'functional' but artistic as well.


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