Thursday, March 28, 2013

DIY: Easy egg cosies for Easter

Today we have the second of our crafty guest posts, and we are welcoming Sabrina from Wolves in London with a easy egg cosy sewing project, just in time for Easter! Sabrina is currently enjoying maternity leave and pottering round London with her baby, while dreaming of starting up her own fabric business. Follow her journey to this dream over on her blog. Over to you Sabrina!

 It may be Easter this weekend, but any warm Spring weather still seems to be a long way off. The perfect excuse, then, to knock up these egg cosies, to keep your boiled eggs toasty on Easter morning… The cosies can be made from really small amounts of fabric, so they’re perfect for using up little scraps you might have left over from larger projects – or just helping to de-stash if you’re having an enthusiastic Spring clean.

They’re very quick to make and perfect for beginners. As someone who is pretty rubbish on my sewing machine (for every minute I spend sewing, I’ll spend at least 15 minutes swearing at it, for mysterious puckers appearing, or the bobbin running out of thread just when I thought I’d just sewn a perfect curve)

What you’ll need:
*This pdf pattern
*Three different types of fabric, one for the outside, one for the inside and one for the lining. I used terry toweling for my lining, but anything heavyweight to help keep your eggs warm will work just fine. You just need enough to cut two pieces of the pattern from each fabric.
*A sewing machine, or the patience for hand sewing


Step one: Cut two pieces of the pattern shape from each of your three fabrics.

Step two: Take one of each three pieces and layer the lining piece of fabric (terry toweling in my case) on the bottom, then the outside fabric with the right side facing you, then the fabric for your inside with the wrong side facing you

Step three: Pin the straight edge at the bottom and sew the three fabrics together in a straight line.

Step four: Open up so the right sides of the inner and outer fabrics are facing you and iron with the seam unopened (so the only bit of fabric that’s folded is your inside fabric)

Step five: Repeat these steps with the other three pieces of fabric. You’ve now got two egg-shaped pieces.

Step six: Place these together, right sides facing. Make sure your seams line up at the middle points. Pin in place.

Step seven: Start at the bottom of the inner piece of fabric and – leaving a gap big enough to turn the piece inside out – sew round the outside. Tip: I used to find sewing curves quite difficult, until I started to sew them at about half – no a quarter – of the speed I naturally wanted to. If you’ve got speed settings on your sewing machine, put it onto the slowest setting. If not, make a real point of just dawdling round the edge. I also stop frequently, with the needle down through the fabric, to lift the foot up and turn the fabric round further.

Step eight: Push your cosy inside out through the hole, so the right sides are facing outwards. Sew up the gap. (Don’t worry too much about neatness here, since you’re not going to see this seam. That’s the best sort of seam, isn’t it?)

Step nine: Push the inner piece of fabric inside the cosy and, voila, you’re all done!

Thanks for this lovely post Sabrina! Happy Easter all! xxx

If you are a fellow blogger/crafter, and would like to submit a crafty guest post - get in touch! Requirements are great lifestyle and step by step photos, with clear instructions for the project. Come and share the crafty love!

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  1. What a lovely little project! I hate throwing away tiny scraps of old pretty fabric, and this is a perfect use for them! Happy Easter. Minerva ~


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