Sunday, March 3, 2013

Neon Pink in the home

Perhaps a colour you once would have only dared decorate your 6 year old daughters room in, hot pink is currently a huge trend emerging for any area of the home. Neon colours have been around for a good part of 2012 - you may have seen our Neon and Pastels shoot in issue 4 of 91 Magazine - but for me it is hot pink in particular that is really taking centre stage for Spring 2013.
The best way to use neon pink in your interior is to use it minimally. Set it against white, muted grey or pastel tones. That way it ensures it doesn't get too girly, and also allows your pink purchase to really shine! Not many of us would be bold enough to go for a hot pink sofa or neon wallpaper, so just select one or two accessories that will give a nod to the trend and will add a little drama and fun to the room. I'm loving these lighting ideas, above from madebyburdastyle on Etsy (although sadly no longer available) and below, this fab lamp base from Zara Home £79.99.

Throw from Paper Plane Home - €64
Neon plate and bowl, Nicole Porter Design, £30 per piece / Hanging planter, Ikea, £5.50 / Crochet cushion cover, H&M, £14.99 / Night Night pillowcase, Kiss Her, £15 / Ampersand Screenprint, shop ampersand on Etsy, £14.89 / Tealight holder, Zara Home, £7.99 / Velvet cushion cover, H&M, £4.99
Upcycled stool, Laura's Attic, £45
Single duvet cover & pillow, Rockett St George, £59

The other alternative is to get your DIY on! You could create your own photo frame with some neon pink washi tape or spray paint a chair perhaps? Do you love or hate the neon trend? Would love to hear if you might add a little flash of pink to your home this Spring!

pic via moastidrom
pic via SF Girl by Bay


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  1. Neon colours hard to live with. I love the stool and the last picture of the kitchen with the pink chair. This is how I would add colour.

  2. I painted the ceiling in my entryway bright pink. I'm trying to convince my husband that we need more pink in the house...after all, I am the only chick living here

  3. Living with a 6 year means we've got all shades of pink in our house, including bright pink. Love the stool which reminds me of a child's chair that we painted more or less the same colour with pink decopatched legs. I'm obviously more creative than I realised LOL!

  4. I love a bit of neon! Not too much but the odd pink neon cushion or bright pink candle can look great. Love the duvet cover and then ampersand print x

  5. Oooh, lovely - I do like a bit of hot pink!

  6. love the up cycle pink stool, one to try myself I think.


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