Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Work from home breakfasts

As you may have heard via my Twitter / Facebook pages, I have recently made the decision to go full time with Patchwork Harmony & 91 Magazine. After over 4 years of running my business in my spare time, I've finally taken the plunge! I will do a post about my journey to this soon. Its a very exciting but nerve-wracking time, but I am looking forward to working from home and with lots of lovely creative folk in the near future!

As my wedding is fast approaching, (just over 3 months to go!) I am also trying my best to eat healthier and be as trim as poss for the big day. So when Alpro contacted me last week to ask if I wanted to be involved in their deskfest campaign, I thought it was perfect timing. Their campaign aims to encourages people to put a creative, healthy spin on their morning routine. Exactly what I need at the minute, healthy breakfasts that aren't boring and that I can eat at my desk.

So here are my 3 breakfasts that I created using Alpro products... The first one is literally just Vanilla pouring yoghurt with strawberries (in a heart shape!) Yum!

Number 2 was a fruit smoothie made with strawberries, grapes, a little Hazelnut milk, and a dash of plain pouring yoghurt. Delicious.

And finally, and slightly more elaborate, but still really simple, was pancakes with yoghurt, nuts and a cheeky dollop of nutella! A simple scotch pancake recipe, but using Hazelnut milk instead or ordinary milk. And on the side some vanilla pouring yoghurt with chopped peanuts.

If you already use Alpro products or want to try out these ideas, you can join in the campaign by uploading your pics to instagram/twitter/facebook using the #deskfest hashtag! Oh and you can win a weekend for 2 to New York! More info here: Alpro UK


  1. Good luck with your new full time venture!

    Beautiful photographs. :)

  2. Maybe I should send them some photos, i drink and consume Alpro products for years as I am lactose intolerance. Make panckaces, cakes, and sorts with it.


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