Wednesday, April 10, 2013

French Brocante Shopping

I hope everyone had a lovely Easter despite the cold! I managed to get away for a few days just after Easter down to the South of France where we are getting married in June. It wasn't much warmer there I have to be honest, but always nice to have a few days away. We were mainly taking lots of wedding props down, as you can imagine I have gathered quite a lot of bits and bobs as I am basically styling the whole thing myself (!) so we knew it wouldn't all fit in the car in June!

We had a few wedding related meetings, and stocked up on wine from the supermarkets to try out and decide what we want on the big day. :) While there, I did manage to pick up a hefty haul of vintage goodies. (well we did have the car!) I picked up this lovely French bowl from the shop which we are hiring our wedding chairs from. I've seen these bowls in Paris for €30 plus, and this one (which I found stuffed at the bottom of a box!) was only a couple of euros.

The next day, we stopped off at a house sale which some locals were having as they were moving to Spain. Its this stuff that I love about the rural lifestyle. It was a really nice, sociable little gathering, and a great way for the couple to get rid of their stuff while everyone else picked up some thirfty little bargains! I bought all of this for €9!

Then on Sunday, we popped over to a local brocante. If any of you know the Dordogne area, this market is on every first Sunday of the month in Verteillac. I was a little bit in heaven here! Although it was a bit more expensive (than the house sale anyway!), but compared to markets in London it was seriously cheap. I got this poster for €10, and have seen lots of these at Spitalfields and Kempton for more like £50-60 at least.

Here are a few pics from around the market. I always seem to want the things that aren't actually for sale! Like this little pink suitcase for example!

And here's what I filled my bags with! 



  1. Lovely find, I could spend hours wandering around places like these!

    Sophie x

  2. Right. That's it. I'm off to France right this minute.

    I'm going to buy all the remaining posters, and go to a house sale.

    I'm sure my work will understand me pulling an extended sickie when I come back and show them my haul.

    The only drawback I can think of is my horrible attempts at "French" are so incomprehensible they're basically offensive. Darn.

    Looks like you had a wonderful time though! Hope the wedding preparations are going well :) xx

  3. Hello Caroline,

    I stopped by your blog because I came to read Holly's thoughts...but then I found this vintage section and your story about French flea market. I saw in your great pics some old wooden font blocks...oh, I would love to have them so much but I never seen them here in Finland any flea market or auction - and I can see there are so many there...ooh. I was just wondering if you ever asked about them - how much abouish they were...just asking. I love vintage so it's nice to find blogger who does that also. Thanks for sharing!

    1. hiya! thanks for stopping by! :)
      I don't know how much the wooden blocks were I'm afraid, they did have loads... I'm sure you could find some online somewhere though- if you google 'vintage letterpress blocks' you should hopefully find something that delivers to Finland! hope that helps. xxx


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