Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Our top 8 online stationery shops

So this week is National Stationery Week (22-28th April) and while on their official website it is supported by big chains such as Ryman's and Staples, I thought this was a good chance to champion some of the independent stationers that I love and have MUCH more exciting stationery than this big chains! I am a little bit of stationery addict. I love a notebook, have multiple rolls of washi tape (who doesn't?!) and love giving lovely, unique greeting cards. So here are a few of my fave online stationery shops from around the world...

Abigail Warner

Bonjour Pony
Present and Correct
Quill London
Upon a fold
Are you a stationery addict too?! If I haven't included your fave online stationery shop here, do comment and let me know who they are! xxx


  1. Oh dear.... I was so proud of myself for walking past Paperchase today and now I've seen all these. That Bonjour Pony card with the rabbit silhouette is to die for (although I'm assuming they take PayPal instead?) xx

  2. Hello Hook, Line and Sink Her. Thank you for your lovely words about the Spring rabbit card, she is in my newest range. I do tend to stick to traditional payment methods but as you have expressed such commitment to liking it email me your address and I will have one sent over. Just for joy. x

  3. What a great range, I love all of them! :) I think Munch might be my favourite, though it's not easy to choose! I also really like Magpie, they're Wildlife range in particularly is awesome. Leanne.

  4. Such a beautiful selection! I love stationery myself- I could spend some time in Paperchase! But it's much much better to support the independent smaller designers, so I will definitely know where to go now when I need a stationery fix!!

  5. Such a wonderful selection... I like it so much...


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