Friday, May 31, 2013

A pastel home in Istanbul

Today I'm really excited to share with you an interview with Turkish blogger Ayda Algin who writes the blog CafenoHut. We also take a peek inside Ayda's pretty Istanbul home which is light, bright and full of pastels shades. Looks out for some of Ayda's crafty DIY projects too, she is a talented lady!

So Ayda, whereabouts in Istanbul do you live? What kind of house do you live in and could you describe it for us?
I've lived in the centre of Istanbul in an area called Besiktas since 1992. This is the old part of Istanbul, our apartment is around 35 years old, which is old for Istanbul! Our space is approx 100m2 and we have a lovely balcony too. 

Do you live alone, or share your home with anyone? Do you have any pets? 
I live with my younger sister who is a lawyer.  We get along well and have similar taste in interior decor which is good. we plan to move soon to a new home with a garden, and then we want to get a dog. 

What do you do for a living? 
I work as an environmental engineer for my day job, which I've done for quite a long time.

How long have you blogged at CafenoHut for?
I started blogging in January 2011. I always wanted to have my own little café, but this has not happened as yet. (I'm still hopeful though!) So I thought if I cannot have a real café I could have a virtual one. I wanted to share the things I like; interior decoration, craft, homemade food, my memories, as if sitting in a café chatting with your friends. "nohut" is the nickname I've had for many years, it means chickpea in English - I have a petite frame like a chickpea!

How would you describe your interior style? 
My style in changing and evolving day by day. I've always been influenced by Mediterranean culture, the rich colours and natural wood textures - however, Mediterranean colours echo those of the sea, sky, lavender and yellow tones, and I now prefer to see pastel colours in my home. Also these days I am inspired by Northern European, particularly Scandinavian style, white and simplistic.  I love to give new life to old objects, so I love to mix old and new together too. 

 Where do you shop for your home?
 It is difficult to find popular brands in Turkey, so I generally shop online. Some of my favourite are Cath Kidston, Bloomingville, Greengate and Etsy. I also like Habitat, Nordist, Dank Design and Mudo (which is a Turkish brand) When I travel abroad for holiday or business, I like trying to find things to bring home. My favourite city for shopping is London. There are so many unique and special boutiques there as well as all my favourite brands together in one place. I also love making things for my home myself, it makes me really happy. 

Where do you get inspiration for your home? blogs, magazines? Which ones?
I love blogs as I love learning about different cultures. There are so many talented women out there that inspire me. These include Heather from Gatherings Magazine, Holly Becker from Decor8, Leslie Shewring from A Creative Mint, Ingrid from Wood and Wool Stool, Signe from SignePling, Ahu from Lavanta Bahcesi and of course your beautiful blog and magazine
I also follow magazines such as Flow, Mollie Makes, The Simple Things and Turkish magazines such as Alldecor and Evim
Pinterest is a wonderful source for me too. I can lose myself in the wonderful images. I learn so much from there, new blogs, new ideas, photography tips, recipes, new products.... I really do love Pinterest! 

Have you got any exciting plans coming up? 
I am planning to open an Etsy store soon which will be called 'deconoHut'. I love sewing things for the home and for kids. I'm always spending my spare time at my sewing machine and even though I don't have children you will find many baby bibs in my home! So I thought its best to sell them so I can continue sewing them. 
I also love photography, and have some of my images for sale on Getty Images. I want to improve my skills though and plan to take a photography course in the Autumn. 

Thanks for sharing your home with us Ayda! It was great to hear about your home, blog and future plans! Visit Ayda's blog and follow her on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest



  1. i LOVE this so so SO much! so pretty and well put together! and what fantastic photos too :)

  2. you're right, Ayda is certainly a very talented lady :)

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