Friday, May 3, 2013

Bring Spring in

I absolutely love having flowers around the house, but I generally don't have the budget to be buying them all the time. I usually raid the reduced section in places like Waitrose were maybe one stem is looking a bit sorry for itself but the rest are fine, and they've been reduced to 40p! But this week I decided to take advantage of some of the flowers I've managed to actually grow myself. I'm certainly no Isabelle Palmer or Laetitia Maklouf (2 of my gardening idols!) but I do love a potter in the garden and get a real sense of achievement when bulbs start to push through or a plant that you thought had had it comes back to life with a little nurturing.

Even just the smallest bunch of blooms can make a difference to your home and your mood. It really is a case of 'the simple things' I think. Weirdly it also gives me a lot of joy to photograph these little arrangements before their fleeting life is over! In fact if you follow me on Instagram you may well already have seen these pics!

If you've been 'bringing spring in', why not share your pics on Instagram too - I'd love to see! Just tag me in @91magazine and add #bringspringin

Snakeshead fritillary


Grape hyacinth

All photos © Caroline Taylor / Patchwork Harmony

PS: If you are a gardening fan, check out our feature in the latest issue of 91 Magazine, where Isabelle Palmer shares her tips for creating a vintage style garden! 



  1. Pretty. I've just bought some giant fuschias for my soon to be acquired window boxes. I'm excited about having something other than railings on my balcony!

  2. I brought in loads of dandelions from the garden last weekend. I could kid myself I was doing useful gardening by de-weeding the lawn, but it was mostly because I find their sunny colour so cheerful! xx

  3. Beautiful! It must be so nice to have grown them yourself!

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