Wednesday, May 1, 2013

DIY: Lou Rota plates

I recently included one of Lou Rota's craft kits in my post about flamingo's in the home and afterwards the lovely Lou sent me one of these great kits to try out. I love Lou's work and have a few of her pieces already, so I was really excited to have a go at creating my own 'Lou style' plate!

The kit comes with everything you need, except the vintage plates themselves, so you can choose exactly what style, pattern, size you prefer. I picked up 3 plates for under a tenner from a local antique shop...

The instructions are really clear and come with some useful tips for doing the best job possible. I actually found it was a really simple process; Firstly, cut out your decals, soak in water and leave to dry...

Position your animals where you want them on the plates... 

Then simply peel of the backing paper and place the decals on the plates, smoothing with the sponge provided. 
Once dry, you just finish it off with a little decoupage glue. To apply the hanger, you gently sand the back of the plate, clean it, wet the hanger and apply to the back of the plate. Simples! Here are my 3 finished plates...

And the best thing? I still have a whole sheet of decals left so could do another 3 plates!

Once you've left your hanger to dry overnight, you can display your plates! Perhaps add one to your inspiration wall...

Or for a more uniform look, create a plate wall display...

I have to admit, I am very chuffed with my plates! I think the kit is great, and would make a lovely gift for any crafty friends, or you could get the kit for yourself and then make plate gifts for all your friends! :) 

You can buy the kits on Lou's website, there is also a butterfly version. Check there out here.

Thank you Lou for letting me try out this fab project! 


  1. As I think I mentioned on your previous post I have Lou's flamingo mugs but I love the idea of picking my own vintage plate to create myself.


  2. Now that's a cool idea! Must be something in the air - I've just blogged about my new upcycled reworked vintage china! Can't have too much of a good thing eh?

  3. What a great idea & fun to make as well!

  4. How gorgeous! I particularly love the flamingo plate. And I am now desperate to nail half our china to a wall- your plate display looks so pretty!! :) xx

  5. This is great idea! You have nice collection:)


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