Thursday, May 30, 2013

Sunbury Antiques - my finds

One of my favourite place to visit near where I live is Sunbury Antiques Market, which is on every other Tuesday at Kempton Park Racecourse. I've gone regularly over the last few years of living here, even on dreary, damp days like Tuesday this week! This was the scene at about 7:30am on Tues....

One thing that upsets me on those wet days, is the fact some of the traders leave books, textiles, electrical items, rugs, clothes etc, out in the rain! I don't get it, why would you want your stock to get soaked and ruined?! Who knows eh?! It does make it a tougher shopping experience when things are wet, you are wet and cold and traders are moody cos of the weather! But hey, I soldiered on, and managed to pick up a few lovely pieces this week, which I thought I'd share with you....

Firstly a pretty painted table, whose colour and floral pattern I couldn't resist....

Then possibly my favourite item, this beautiful book called The Lovers Pocketbook, the illustrations are really delightful, and it seems apt for me with our wedding just 4 weeks away! I'm definitely going to incorporate it into the day somehow...

I also bagged this pretty mint green and white doily, part of a deal I brokered with the trader for the book and the doily together! You always seem to be able to haggle for a better price when you buy more than one item from a stall holder...

And last but not least, some lengths of vintage lace which can be picked up really cheaply. I plan to also use these in a wedding DIY project! Also perfect for tying around your bouquet!

If you haven't been before Sunbury is definitely worth a little visit. Take a day off work, drive over (there's free parking) or hop on the train to Sunbury - but make sure to bring some big bags with you as I guarantee you won't leave empty handed!



  1. One of my favourite places too even though it is a bit of a drive from us now. What lovley things you found too! Minerva x

  2. We go to as I'm only about 20 mins away, we both had Tuesday off and where going to go until we got up and it was teaming down!! Not that brave! It also bugs me about the wet; rugs, books and electrical items, it's the poor people who end up buying them on a dry day I feel sorry for, probably me!!

  3. Oh this place looks fab, too far of a drive for me, that table is super cute x


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