Thursday, May 2, 2013

The bare lampshade

Nearly 2 years ago I wrote about how I find it hard to find lampshades I like. At the time I said how I really liked bare bulbs on display, and this trend has definitely taken hold with many designers and stylists using this to create a simplistic or industrial look. There are now some great looking bulbs on the market that have a vintage feel, so they look even better when on display.

But what I'm loving at the moment is the addition of a bare or fabric wrapped lampshade. There is something ever so appealing about the shape and structure of a lampshade without a cover, plus it ticks the boxes for me in terms of exposed lightbulbs! Not only that, it is a really thrifty way to add interest to your lighting. Bare lampshades can be picked up at car boots, charity shops or markets for next to nothing; or of course, buy a covered one and just strip it down. If you want to cover it with some fabric it can literally be done with scraps you have lying around, or if you prefer the bare look you could add some colour simply by spraying it with some plastikote paint.

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Ribbons, fake birds, garlands, flowers, lace or anything else that takes your fancy can be simply added to give it your own unique personal touch...

left: via lisbethsinlilleverden right: via Decor8 / Image: Sania Pell

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Or leave your lampshade naked but decorate the cord like Dottie Angel has done below. A nifty little tutorial can be found here.

via Dottie Angel
What do you think of this look? Like it, or do you prefer your light bulbs hidden?


  1. I love these too, made one a couple of weeks ago and just in the process of making one for my bedroom, using vintage sheets! I was inspired by Sarah Moore to make a Christmas tree which was very popular with friends, family and my blog readers! Now I'm a little addicted to them....oh dear!!! :) x

  2. What a great idea! I would never have thought of this but its so simple and looks lovely! have been looking for lampshades for my hall and landing but think I may give this a go instead :)
    Lovely pictures too!
    Thank you, Tracy xx

  3. i love this idea, they all look fantastic! i love the look of putting a little bird or some flowers on too.

  4. I think I prefer the bulbs hidden... that said, Dottie angel did a super magical open one for us in Spoonful issue 2 and I fell in love with that one so I guess it depends ;)


  5. I love the ones with the ribbons wrapped round. Like chandeliers, but so informal!


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