Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Vintage Craft by Pearl Lowe

The perfect combination of vintage style and crafts is what makes this lovely new book by Pearl Lowe so appealing to us here at Patchwork Harmony! Sometimes I think when I say I'm into 'crafts', people think I'm talking about the kind of thing you might see at a (bad) village hall fair - really dated and a bit twee.  But Pearl's book eptomises the type of crafts I personally like; items for your home you can make yourself, fit seamlessly into the style of your home, ooze vintage class and looks like you spent a lot more money on it than you actually did!

For example how beautiful is this patchwork tablecloth edged with some stunning vintage lace?!

The book is filled with a real range of projects, from the very simple, such as this painted chair with added decoupage motif; right through to padded headboards or luxury ottomans.

Beautiful photography by Debi Treloar, Styling by Marianne Cotterill and beautiful illustrations by Abigail Warner really bring this book alive and it is topped off by a great little black book of Pearl's favourite shops and suppliers at the back.

Its certainly a book that I know I will keep going back to for inspiration! 


  1. Some of it might be just slightly too twee for me, but it looks great overall. Love the cabinet in the first picture and all the little vases in the second. Looks like a great book! :-)

  2. I really like Pearl's style and her ideas are easy to follow and adapt to your own home. A good write up! Minerva x

  3. The pictures in the book don't match with the cover, thanks for showing us inside! Beautiful images! :) x

  4. I really need to order a copy now, it looks so good!


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