Monday, June 17, 2013

A home named Fjeldborg

You know there are some people who just ooze style and talent? When you wish you could just step into their blog, live in their house, do their job, even have their cat?! Well Ingrid Aune Westrum is one of those people for me. I came across her blog a while back while sourcing images for the last issue of 91 Magazine - we featured her home in a piece about creative workspaces. Ever since I have been drooling over her beautiful home, stunning photography and cooler than cool shop! So needless to say I'm thrilled to have a lovely interview and peek inside Ingrid's home on the blog today...

Hi Ingrid! Where do you live and can you describe the type of house you live in?
I live in Sandefjord, a medium sized town in Norway, about 1.5 hours from Oslo. The house is a typical Norwegian house made of wood and painted white both inside and outside. The house is not very big, only 110 sqm, and it´s quite old (built in 1925).
It´s actually the house which is named "Fjeldborg", from old times (Fjeld= mountain and borg= castle!). We do have a very nice "mountain" on our land, so "Mountaincastle" is a nice name for our small, quirky home!

Who do you share your home with?  
My husband, Vidar and our cat, Madicken. 

Can you tell me a little about your work as a freelance writer/photographer/stylist? Who do you work for and what kind of projects do you usually work on?  
I combine working as a freelancer for a local newspaper, a Norwegian women's magazine (Kamille) and blogging for Jotun (Norway's biggest paint company). I also work with an excellent photographer these days, making "at home" features of Norwegian homes for a range of different interior magazines.

What is your background? Did you always want to be a writer/photographer?  
Yes, I always wanted to be a writer. I was determined to write even as a small child, and I did for many years. Then I had a "break" working as a store manager in a shop selling kitchen utensils and interior accessories (, before I returned to my "calling". :) I've also worked in a photo shop for many years, and that's where my love for photography grew. My husband is also very interested in photography, he is the gadget freak in the home, so he keeps me up to date.
I have a bachelors degree in "Culture and Communication" from the University of Oslo, with media as my major.

We are huge fans of your style at Patchwork Harmony! What influences your interiors? Where do you find inspiration?  
Hmmm, I guess inspiration comes in many shapes. Sometimes it´s something I seek, through magazines, blogs, pinterest, instagram and in other peoples homes. But most of the time I have an idea of a colour or a colour combination that I need to "have" in my home. I could not live without colour!
I also love being outdoors in my garden, at the sea or in the woods. That gives me a lot of inspiration as well.

Where do you shop for your home?  
At! Haha! I also shop a lot at flea markets and in thrift stores. And on occasion I shop at Hay, a Danish shop, at their store in Oslo, or from a local store called Nr 9.

You also run online shop - can you tell me a little bit about this? When did you open the shop? Where do you source the lovely products you stock?  
I opened my shop in October 2012. It was the result of all the questions I got by e-mail and comments on my blog, asking where my readers could buy the stuff I show on my blog. I got tired of advertising for others and getting next to nothing in return (except more work answering e-mails!), so I decided I would sell the stuff myself! Also after joining 13Tretten, I found it practical to sell my products online as well as in the store.
I source the products everywhere! It´s a fun, but sometimes exhausting job, always being on "the hunt". But magazines, blogs and Pinterest are good for inspiration!

Do you ship internationally?  
I only ship within Norway for the time being. Mostly because the shipping and customs from Norway is really difficult. But customers are more than welcome to e-mail me their wishes from the shop, so I can make an estimate on freight (e-mail:

Could you tell me a little about 13Tretten?  
13Tretten is an unusual shop, containing four different businesses. We are four girls with the same interests and the shop sums up things we like, things we make and a lot of retro treasures, mostly from the 60s and 70s. We split the week in five, where we each keep the shop open during the week (my day for instance is Tuesdays), so I seldom stay in the shop more than one day of the week. That´s perfect, as I have a lot of other projects going on, and at the same time being able to keep the dream alive of having my own shop!

Do you have any favourite blogs or magazines that you love to read?  
My favorite magazines are Danish Rum, BoligMagasinet and BoligLiv. I also love reading Nowegian Elle Decoration, and of course Kamille (especially Kamille Ideer, which is a lovely magazine filled with DIY ideas). 
My favorite blogs at the moment are: Marsipan og smilefjes, Mokkasin, Ledansia, Hilde Mork, Weekday Carnival and surely many more! :)

Have you got any exciting plans coming up this year for Fjeldborg? Either your blog, home or shop/s? Well, as my shop is still young I´m working on making it known. It´s a long process, and I have so many plans! I will continue to look for good products and hopefully I will be able to make the choice bigger and better.

As for our house Fjeldborg, we are renovating more this autumn, changing one of the biggest walls from the outside and changing a huge window.  I'm also planning to give the living room a big makeover, which will be shown on the blog. Really looking forward to that! :)

Thanks for inviting us into your colourful and inspiring home Ingrid! I can't wait to see your home renovations and how your shop develops!

Follow Ingrid's blog Fjeldbord, you can also find her on Instagram and Pinterest.



  1. Thank you for the lovely feature, Caroline!

    xo Ingrid ;)

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