Thursday, June 6, 2013

DIY: Cigarette cards garland

I recently contributed to the Crafty Fox Box, which you may remember we did a giveaway for a few weeks ago? As the lucky subscribers should have received their boxes by now, we can now share the little projects that I submitted to Emily to include. This is what the boxes looked like all packaged up and ready to be sent out. Gorgeous aren't they?! What a lovely summery colour scheme!

So today is the first of two projects of mine which were included, and this one is SUPER simple! You can literally do it in a matter of minutes! It is a garland made up of vintage cigarette cards. I found that I was picking these up at car boot sales regularly for next to nothing, just because I loved the graphics on them, particularly the flora and fauna versions. So I thought rather than keep them all stored away in the box that this would be a nice way to display them.  All you need is:

•    a selection of cigarette cards
•    sewing machine or needle and thread

If you want to you can sort them so you have all birds or all flowers (or whatever your images are), alternate them, or just go for a completely random order! It's ideal if you have a sewing machine for this, as it's much quicker of course, but it can be done by hand stitching too, you'll just need an extra dose of patience!

1.Line up your first cigarette card under the sewing machine foot about 5mm from the top of the card, and stitch across.

2.Leave a 5mm gap between the next card, and continue to stitch.

3.Continue with as many cards as you like making as long or as short a garland as you like.

And it's really that simple! My only top tip is: these can get tangled up quite easily, so it’s best to make a few shorter ones that one really long garland. To store when not hanging, fold the cards together like a concertina.

If you are a Crafty Fox Box subscriber you will have received a little selection of cards. If not, then check out eBay and keep your eyes peeled at car boots and markets, they are usually pretty easy to get hold of.

Here is my garland hanging above our fireplace...!

I will share the 2nd project with you next week! xxx


  1. These cigarette cards are so pretty, what a lovely theme to have hanging in a room! I'd never have thought of using my sewing machine with card, so thank you. :)

    Leanne at Knit me a cake.

  2. Looks great. Can't wait to see how your wedding will look if this is any indication!

  3. What a great idea!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  4. I used to collect the PG tips cards......if only I'd kept them! Great garland :) x

  5. What a lovely idea, I remember books with these stuck in as a child and the PG tips cards. :)

  6. What a fab idea - they look so beautiful displayed like this!

  7. I know I am late with this comment but I saw this when you originally posted it but I was looking at it on my phone and it was difficult to leave a comment (technology was not cooperating). This is such a cute idea! I have a little collection of cigarette cards - my faves are the ones with pretty birds or wildlife on them. But I also have a small collection of cards that are sort of on a nautical theme - they have lots of ships and sailors on them. I actually have made fridge magnets out of some of my cards and they turned out pretty cute. :)

    Just wanted to pop by and say "hello" and that your blog is lovely and I have been reading it and enjoying it. :)


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