Thursday, June 13, 2013

DIY: Glitter cake topper

Today I'm sharing the second of the projects which I contributed to Crafty Fox Box. Again it's a really simple (but slightly messier!) idea, but one I think is really cute. I plan to use the one I made for my wedding cake table in a few weeks, but hopefully in a slightly more impressive cake than this one! ;) 

So what you will need is:

•    A card template of the word you wish to top your cake with.
(You can download this Congrats one and a Happy Birthday one here)
•    Craft knife and cutting board
•    Spray mount
•    Glitter
•    Wooden skewers
•    Sellotape or washi tape

1. Feel free to use the downloadable template provided above or you can create your own to suit your occasion.  If making your own, make sure to choose the thickest card you can get for your printer. I printed on 200gsm card, and then, using spray mount, glued another piece of card to the printed one to make it doubly thick.(the font I used here is called QumpellkaNo12)

2. Using a craft knife and cutting mat, cut out the words carefully. It is best to cut slightly outside the lines of your template to make the lettering bigger. 

3. Next, apply spray mount all over your cut out word/s, and sprinkle liberally with glitter. Leave for around 30-60secs, and then shake off the excess glitter. Make sure you have a good coverage of glitter.

4. Turn your word/s over and tape your wooden skewers to the back. If you want to be extra neat, or know people will see the back of the cake topper, then you will have to cut out another template and stick this over the back to cover where you have stuck the skewers.

Ta da! Now just place atop your cake!

Extra tips: If you aren’t keen on the plain wooden skewers, then you could spray paint the sticks, but leave the ends which will go into the cake bare. Or you could wrap a pretty washi tape around the whole skewer for extra colour.

I'd love to hear if you have a go at making one! xxx


  1. This is a wonderful idea! What's really great is that you could easily customise it, to include any copy or wording you like. Thanks so much for sharing. :)

  2. brilliant thank you


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