Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Patchwork with The Amazings

Inevitably a lot of people arrive at my blog after googling 'patchwork blog'. There must be many a disappointed patchwork fan out there who find that in actual fact it's not a regular topic here at Patchwork Harmony. But today is the exception! As this week I have been immersing myself in the art of patchwork quilting by following an online class with The Amazings.

If you haven't heard of The Amazings, they are a crafting community of folk over 50 who share their lifetime experience and skills in a multitude of disciplines, from bike maintenance to dressmaking to how to market your musical talent! It really is a diverse range of skills which can be learnt at either their London based classes or their recently launched online classes. 

As I am pretty busy most of the time, and generally resent paying the inflated train fare to travel into London, an online class seemed like a perfect solution for me. You can even take the class in your pyjamas if you so wish!

So I decided it was time to get a little crafty and chose their 'Make a Heirloom Patchwork Quilt' class. The great thing about making a patchwork quilt is that all you need is some scraps of fabric, even old shirts or old pillowcases will do the job. All of those little bits and bobs of fabric that you thought you'd never use can now be given a new life in the form of a beautiful quilt.

The class is separated into manageable chunks and what I really enjoyed about it was that it wasn't too rushed. It had a really relaxed and friendly feel to it as if you were just crafting alongside Virginia (the teacher) and Jen (her student in the video). It's almost as if you are there with them in the room having a chat about flea markets and the best places to buy fabric. I even nearly joined in the conversation a few times! (mmm... perhaps I do spend too much time on my own...)

You really got a sense of the knowledge and experience Virginia had about her craft, as she chatted about the history of quilting as well as giving helpful hints and ideas for other designs to try out.

I think, like my new crochet hobby, I really have caught the patchwork bug and can't wait to see how my quilt progresses over the next few months. (yes, it probably will take me months!) This is where I am at so far, but I will give you an update once I get further on with it.

Make sure to take a little peek at the range of online classes The Amazings have to offer. Especially as the guys there have very kindly given me a special offer for Patchwork Harmony readers to take their first online class for FREE! Just sign up here to access your chosen class free of charge. So why not join me at creating a beautiful patchwork quilt so we can compare class notes, or check out the other fab classes currently available.

Photos either via The Amazings or taken by Patchwork Harmony

This post was sponsored by The Amazings - thank you guys! x


  1. oh so this is what those fabric bits were for!

    i've got parts cut out for a quilt i've been wanting to make for ages but never seem to get round to it! i used to make them all the time with my gran and it was so lovely :)

    1. indeed! I think its nice as its something you can just pick up now and again when you have time. I'm hoping I'll manage to finish it in time for winter! ;)

  2. Thank you very much for the link ... I followed it and Opppss, signed up :)

    1. yay! which course you going to take? patchwork too? x

  3. Amazing stuff... off to follow the link ~ Sarah x

    1. let me know if you take a course, esp if its patchwork! we can compare quilts! :)


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