Tuesday, July 23, 2013

a Pink Party

I recently spotted these gorgeous images over on the Papermash blog which were styled by the fab Charlotte Love and photographed by Natalie Dinham for Papermash. I've mentioned before how I love to see these kind of collaborations which really showcase the products of a shop.

The images also reminded me of our wedding with the pink pom poms in different shades, stripey straws, mini milk bottles, pretty paper cups and cake table. I even wanted a pinata at the wedding but the hubby vetoed it! The last shot of all the pom poms piled up particularly reminded me of the day before the wedding where my bridesmaids and I spent the day in one of the chateau rooms fluffing up 100 pom poms! Here I am with them all piled up!

I never realised I was such a 'pink' kinda gal, but I guess it turns out I am! For lots of pretty pink products check out Papermash's full range, oh, and they also have a sale on at the moment, but it ends on Thursday so get in quick!


  1. That last photo (with you in it) is my idea of hell! Had enough trouble making a few up for my photo shoot! Thanks for sharing.

  2. wow, that looks amazing, so pretty! xx

    Martyna | NEON MIZZLE


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