Saturday, July 13, 2013

I need your help!

So I am back from the most wonderful few weeks of my life! Our wedding in France was everything we hoped it would be, followed by 10 days in Italy catching up on sleep, eating, drinking and enjoying just being together without having to think about much else other than whether to have pizza or pasta for dinner!

A few days before we came back I received a very exciting email. (yes, I know I should have disconnected myself, but I just can't help it!) It was from the lovely folk at Cosmopolitan magazine telling me that Patchwork Harmony has been shortlisted for the Best Interior Blog in their Cosmo Blog Awards 2013! It was such a lovely surprise as obviously my mind has been occupied with other things over the last month or so and I had kind of forgotten about entering!

It feels extra special to be shortlisted for this right now, as it is actually my 5 year blog anniversary this year.  When I look back to when I first started blogging,  I really am filled with pride at how far I've come with it, and also how blogging was the catalyst for making a huge change in my life and career. The fact that this year I have been able to fulfill my dream of becoming self employed and spend my days doing things I truly love is all attributed to that evening back in 2008 when I set up my Blogger account.

So it feels really poignant for me to be shortlisted for this award this year, and even if I don't win it, its lovely to be included especially as its their first year recognising us interiors bloggers. But of course, it would be LOVELY to win it!! So if you think I deserve a little vote, I would be eternally grateful if you can take 5 mins to click below and do so.

Vote for Patchwork Harmony in the 2013 Cosmo Blog awards

Thanks again to everyone who pops by the blog, its a cliche but its so true, I couldn't do it without your support! Lots of love xxx


  1. Tried voting for you, but could not find the submit button.
    Wendy x

  2. Well done! I just tried, but the site didn't seem to work for mobiles, I couldn't get passed new beauty blogs?!? I'll try again when I'm on the mac ...

  3. Your wedding sounds perfect! Congratulations on being nominated for the award, you have every right to feel proud :) I have voted for you (it worked fine on the laptop) xx

  4. Congrats again - sounds like you had a lovely and much deserved break!
    I've just voted for you - they are a bit naughty and force you to sign up to their newsletter in order to vote... Z x

  5. Done!:) Congratulations!!!

  6. The wedding looks best! Congratulations in getting selected for the merit, you've every to certainly really feel proud :) We have voted to suit your needs (that worked well good for the notebook) xx

    Rs To Gold
    Blade & Soul Gold
    Gold für WOW Kaufen

  7. Congratulations! I do hope you win! (I have my fingers crossed)


  8. So pleased to hear you are back and had a wonderful wedding and honeymoon! Fab news about Cosmo! Have just gone in a voted for you x Holly

  9. VOTED!

    Congratulations, and here's hoping you win!!


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