Thursday, August 8, 2013

Top 5 online shops for vintage homewares

As much as a rummage in a grubby cardboard box early on a Sunday morning strangely fills me with joy, sometimes buying vintage online is just nice. No lugging furniture home on your back, or in your bicycle basket, which I've often done, sadly resulting in one broken 1950s mirror. (its still too soon to talk about it) But which are the best online shops for sourcing vintage? As someone whose done it in the past, its actually incredibly time consuming selling vintage online, as more often than not, you only have one of a certain item, so you have to photograph everything individually, and once its sold those product images are rendered useless. So you are continually photographing and listing new items, so hats off to those that do it, it is certainly a labour of love!

So I thought I'd put together a top 5 of my favourite online stores for buying vintage, from large rustic furniture to kitsch accessories. This is in no particular order, just 5 of my faves!

First up in Goose Home and Garden. I came across them recently at the Decorative Living Fair, and just loved their stand. I bought this deckchair from them. Their online shop has recently had an update and it is great for some lovely French pieces, large and small...

If you are just looking for some affordable little updates for your home in the form of a brightly coloured teapot or a floral painting for the wall, then The OK Corral is the place to head. I like the simplicity of their website, where you just 'view everything' - sometimes lots of categories and sections can be frustrating when you just want a browse. They stock some really quirky finds at realistic prices.

Number 3 is Homebarn, not just an online shop, they also have a bricks and mortar 'barn' in Little Marlow, which I am desperate to make the trip to one of these days! This is the place to go for bigger pieces of furniture as well as great storage solutions, and how gorgeous are those vintage patchwork blankets?!

Next up is one of my favourite Etsy based vintage sellers. This one is probably more of a tip-off for our Stateside readers, as Haven Vintage are located in Michigan. Although they do ship worldwide, I imagine postage costs would be pricey for some of their heavier items to the UK. I love the rustic / industrial feel of the items they select, a really well curated range.

Last but not least, is for fans of all things kitsch. If rustic isn't your thing, and you prefer a bit of colour in your life, then I Heart Vintage will be sure to bring a smile to your face. Again, affordable prices for some really fun little treasures.

I would love to hear what your favourite online sites for buying vintage are! Let me know, as I'd love to add a few more to my own personal list! xxx


  1. Loving the quilts, that pretty little blue and yellow jug, the shelving on wheels and those pastel decorated glasses! I could look at the things on these kinds of sites all day - here are some faves of mine:

  2. Thank you for sharing; those sites look like they're the equivalent of rummaging through a brilliant flea market. But from the comfort of my sofa, in my pyjamas. Hurrah! xx

  3. Such gorgeous things! Will have to have a browse! Another vote here for and I love too!

  4. What a wonderfully helpful post... am off to go and do some window shopping ~ Sarah x

  5. Caroline - This is such a lovely piece and thanks for including Homebarn, we can't wait to see you again (in Buckinghamshire).

  6. I would like one of everything. Thanks for the recommendations!

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  8. Thank you for taking the time to share this information wit us

  9. Pretty much elegant designs all of them!


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