Thursday, September 12, 2013

Current Obsession: Citroën H vans

Modern cars are great when it comes to practicality and convenience but sometimes I dream of a day when we all drive around in vintage Triumphs and Morris Minors - the roads would look so much cooler! Plus no-one would complain about how slow you were going as everyone would be the same! If I had the pick of vintage vehicles, my current choice would have to be a Citroën H Van. Their popularity has grown immensely over recent years and they are now found dotted around the fields of festivals and foodie events across the country. It was this minty green one which I spotted at the recent StockMKT in Kingston that has sparked my obsession... 

This one is owned by Cheeky Italian, but there are lots of other foodie businesses choosing these as their portable food outlet. I also love this one which is owned by Pizza Dreams...

And if you happen to be based in Ireland, you can hire this one out for events, weddings or parties from Little Piggy...

I guess they must be the perfect size and format to work as a food van, but I'd love to use one as a pop-up shop! How great would that be?! You could deck out the interior and fill it with vintage goodies! I absolutely love Emily Chalmers (owner of Caravan) van which she has had for years, well before the festival craze for them! Its just gorgeous...

Images of Emily's van by Debi Treloar

Do you like these vans as much as me?! What would you do with one? Or do you prefer another vintage vehicle? xxx


  1. I share your obsession! I grew up with wonderful looking cars and although the modern items are practical they are so bland. An old car or van really turns the head and heart. Wow! Really want t live in Emily's place - so wonderful. Minerva x

  2. Oh, they are so cute, aren't they? There were several on the South Bank when we were there this summer (I took a picture of this one: ). As for me, we have a 1976 VW camper & she is beautiful. She's in the midst of an overhaul but there should be a blog post about her before too long...

  3. Caroline - thank you for featuring our lovely van!

  4. Looks like quite a scary WWII van until you get inside which is delightful!


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