Sunday, September 8, 2013

Mini garden makeover

Following on from my post about the bunting I made for the garden, I thought I'd share a few more pics of what I'm calling my mini garden makeover. Believe me there is a lot more needs done out there, but at the minute we are saving to give our kitchen a big makeover, so I thought I would just do some budget friendly things in the garden to improve it a little.

The shed has been repainted and I also painted a door which was shiny black gloss before. Its still waiting for another coat of paint which is going to be a sage green colour. I've created a little bit of a focal point in the patio with this lovely folding bench which was very kindly sent to me by the folk at Out There Interiors. I'm SO pleased with it! Its really cute and perfect for two to sit and have a nice cuppa in the garden together! I'm also coveting this industrial vintage mini water butt from their range as well as some bits for the kitchen once we get it done!

I love getting plants as gifts. As much as I love a gorgeous bunch of flowers, plants are much more long lasting.  Quite a few of these plants were wedding gifts actually which is really lovely. I hope I can keep them alive! Otherwise I try to find plants at good prices, this one below I found in Wilkinsons for a couple of quid, and seems to be doing quite well so far.

The giant lantern in the tree was from Habitat a few years ago. Below is an upcycled tin. If you've ever been to France and bought confit duck in a tin you might recognise these tins! But I'm sure you can get other foods in big tins here too! (by the way, if you're in France, you MUST try the confit duck, it is so amazing we get my mother in law to send us deliveries of it!) Anyway, I masked off half of the tin and used Plastikote spray paint in daffodil. A super cheap and easy update for creating a more interesting herb container!

There's little Claude just woken from her afternoon nap in her favourite spot, against the fence behind the water butt! 

As well as the newly made bunting, below is one of the newest additions to the garden. A little plant shelf made by the hubby from old wood which used to be our bed! (not our current bed obviously!) Again I used Plastikote spray paint in Cameo Pink.

I bought these little pansies from a local florists just round the corner from my house. I decided rather than transporting them into prettier pots I would update their original ones! I had some little paper bags left over from our wedding that I thought would look nice, so I got out the decoupage glue and got sticking! I had to cut the paper into strips rather than just wrapping it round the pot to stop it all creasing up. It's not the neatest job ever, but I like that they are a little rustic! I'm going to apply a layer of clear varnish over them too, in the hope that will make them stand up to the elements a bit longer. I know that they won't last forever, but that's ok, as it didn't cost me anything and only took a hour or so to do! :)

  So that's it, a little bit of a thrifty spruce up! I must thank Out There Interiors for the lovely bench, which spurred me on to give the garden some attention before the winter months roll in!


  1. How pretty. The bench fits perfectly in the space. And I love your little shelf. I too love plants. I do not know much about them. But as soon as the weather is good I love going to my local nursery which is in my village perfect! Your bunting I like because it is squares rather than triangles. The next bunting I will make will be out of vintage material. I love to hunt at Boot fairs for unusual patterns.

  2. It all looks pretty and very inviting, I love the pots you did!

  3. Wow, very pretty Caroline. You should see my garden - disaster. Not sure what my mum's going to say when she comes to visit this afternoon. I blame the rickety fences and the evil weeds and ivy which comes from the neighbouring gardens (very difficult to keep under control!)

    1. thanks Lynne! although not every corner is so pretty! I feel your pain with overgrowing neighbours gardens - I think our neighbours are the kings of it!

  4. It all looks lovely - what green fingers you have! :)

  5. Very pretty! I love the bench and the wall planters :) x

  6. Love this all and what a fantastic idea with the plant pots.

  7. Such a pretty space! You're giving me garden envy! :)


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