Friday, October 11, 2013

Knit because you *want* to!

Last night I attended an event at the House of Commons, in aid of the Charities Advisory Trust - very exciting to see inside one of London's iconic buildings and lovely catching up with friends and colleagues. One of the charities that the trust supports is Knit for Peace and we had quite a few conversations last night about knitting unsurprisingly! Funnily enough, I've been thinking about knitting a lot recently and about how I'd quite like to pick up the needles again (mmm... its probably been about 20 years!) I think I definitely need a refresher course! What I love about knitting and about any craft really, is apart from the fact you are making something with your own two hands and you will be saving money by creating your own homewares, clothes and gifts, there is a huge sense of achievement to be felt afterwards. Not only that, but crafts such as knitting that are quite repetitive are hugely therapeutic and relaxing, so good for your soul too! This is something that Knit for Peace promotes through their work as well as the bringing together of people through group crafting sessions.

Knitting is definitely an art, how amazing are these sea urchins by Patricia Bown?! But, it can be as simple as knitting squares and turning it into a blanket, or knitting some dishcloths. I loved this blog post by Rachelle of Ted and Agnes this week about her reasons for making knitted dishcloths after a stranger questioned it! Why shouldn't she make a knitted dishcloth?! look how pretty they are....!

pic via Tales of Ted and Agnes

Perhaps that stranger was unaware of the many benefits of such an activity, and that sometimes the act of making something is not because you need to, it's because you want to. One of the other amazing things that Knit for Peace do, is that they take donations of your knitted creations and send them on to folk who need them the most - items are sent to homeless shelters, hospitals and even animal shelters! Animals need to keep warm too you know! ;)

So, even if you think there is nothing you currently need to knit, but you still want to knit, why not get those needles moving and create something that can help someone else this winter?

You can download the pattern for these gorgeous little booties (above) designed by Erika Knight from the Knit for Peace website.

And here are some other lovely ideas to consider - The Purl Bee have the most loveliest of patterns and ideas such as these below, so be sure to have a peek...

blanket pattern

oh and for anyone whose ever doubted the knitting of a dishcloth...

dishcloth pattern
Happy knitting folks, I'll let you know if I manage to get myself that refresher course! Find out more about Knit for Peace here.


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  1. theres a few other charites looking for knitters, Innocent Smoothy hats where the money goes to Help The Aged and Coop Funeral Care knitting poppies for the British Legion. Both of which are on my list of to do.


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