Wednesday, October 16, 2013

My kitchen plans

If you follow me on Twitter, you may have seen me wittering on about our planned kitchen renovation. As I mentioned in this budget kitchen post the other day, it's been about 4 years in the planning and saving, so I am so excited that it looks like work might start next month! Building control have been contacted, technical drawings have been done, and it's now just a case of finalising quotes and getting going. So whether you're interested or not, I thought I'd share some of the plans and inspiration, it's nice to have a record of these things I think!

Pics via Paul Massey
I have been obsessing over this kitchen in photographer Paul Massey's location house for years. I think the fact that I still love it means I wouldn't get bored of it if I had something similar. We plan to have a kitchen island and I want to try and recreate this kind of effect with the doors, which are made from reclaimed floorboards.

I also love this really rustic look below, although I think we'll go with painting the wood to try and bring as much light and airyness into the space, as our Edwardian terrace can be quite dark....

I think there will definitely be a bit of an industrial vibe with lots of opening shelves, freestanding vintage furniture, metal stools and factory lighting...

via Pinterest

via Light Locations / Red OnlineHouse to Home /
Malcolm Menzies
via Desire to Inspire
via Beach Studios
But then I think I will bring some colour in with accessories and hopefully some lovely tiles on the floor in the raised up kitchen area. There's a good chance of quite a few minty green items dotted around! 

via Country Living

via Sonya BannickAnna Gillar
I really love this idea of a vintage mirror in the kitchen too, unusual and would also reflect some extra light...

via Fine Little Day
Anyway, that's a bit of idea of where we are aiming for! I will keep you updated on the progress! 
Feel free to have a peek at my kitchen Pinterest board too!



  1. The jadeite dishes would make a beautiful statement in a kitchen.

    How fun to be redoing your kitchen exactly how you want it. We were limited with design when we put granite on our counters. I still want to change out a couple of doors to have glass.

  2. I love all your kitchen inspiration! The minty green looks lovely with the white x

  3. Love all these pics, its hard to choose. I love a predominantly white rooms as you can then be creative with furniture and accessories. A touch of farmhouse rustic with solid wood work tops, tongue and groove etc would add warmth and soften the scene, and mixed with industrial would add style. I like painted units that can add a bit of subtle colour and become focal points for the room. Having industrial ceiling pendants and chairs and then a green theme running through would tie everything together. I love it.

  4. Looks like we're having the same kitchen fantasies! Our building work starts next month too, though I think you might reach the end before we do.... I'll be watching your updates carefully!

  5. I most definitely AM interested! :) All of those kitchens are stunning. I've been saving for our kitchen for about two years- and reckon I've got three or so more to go. I've got plans coming out of my ears but for now need to sit tight and watch the pennies (and drool over photos like this on Pinterest!) Hope everything goes smoothly with yours- can't wait to see the before and after shots! xx

  6. The inspiration is just fab and I've already got a great idea of the room you're going to create from them. Love the minty colour too x

  7. They are beautiful. I think with everything being white or pale, the mixture of rustic and industrial will look quite rich. Hope it all goes to plan! x

  8. Yes please share your ideas and photos, funny enough I just did a post where i mentioned the poor state of my current kitchen. For what I can see if my new kitchen ever happen it would look very similar to yours haha...good luck with all the work, i will be asking you for suppliers and budget!

  9. I also have a 'dream' kitchen in mind and use pinterest to plan. Although mine might be a couple of years away.


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