Friday, October 25, 2013

Rocking chairs - not just for grandma

I have to say, I've never really considered having a rocking chair in my home. Maybe it's been the association with an old lady with a rug over her knees (although, to be fair, that's what I look like most evenings!) or perhaps it's a space issue, you do tend to need a bit of space around a rocker to let it do it's thing. Whatever the reason, I started to entertain the idea a bit more, when this little beauty dropped in my inbox this morning...

Loaf Rocker chair

Now as you know, I am vintage through and through, but for some reason when it comes to rocking chairs, I seem to prefer more contemporary and retro shapes to the old fashioned wooden versions. So I am really loving how Loaf have updated this design which is reminiscent of the old rattan rockers.

If I were to consider a more traditionally shaped chair, I think the best way to update it would be to paint it in an eye popping colour. You may remember this gorgeous yellow chair, belonging to Lisa Aaron of Lou Lou and Oscar. It appeared on the cover of the current issue of Mollie Makes Home (which I edited! ...soz, did I already mention that?! tee hee!) :) I think this looks fab, especially with the addition of the eclectic mix of cushions Lisa added...

yellow wooden rocking chair - Lou Lou and Oscar
©Lisa Aaron

brightly coloured rocking chairs pink turquiose
Left: Pinterest / Right:

brightly coloured rocking chairs bluebell gray pink yellow
Left: Bluebell Gray / Right:
So if you do come across a fab vintage rocker at a car boot, then I reckon this is the way to go - a bright pop of yellow, pink or turquoise to give it a bit of a contemporary vibe.

Then of course there is the classic retro shape of the Eames rocker, designed in 1950. It's simple shape manages to give impact to any room, whether in plain white for that Scandi feel, or in a bright colour that makes a statement.

white eames rocking chairs in an interior
Left: / Right: Nordic Design
brightly coloured eames rocking chairs in an interior
Left: Pinterest / Right: Interior Junkie
I don't have kids yet, but I imagine a rocking chair is the perfect addition to the nursery for those nights baby wants rocked to sleep, but you are all outta rocks. Sit back in your rocker with a comfy cushion, a snuggly blanket and baby, and let the chair do the work.

retro style rocking chair in an interior
via Desire to Inspire

retro style rocking chair in an interior
via Pinterest

1948 rocker from Race Furniture
Race Furniture
modern and retro rocking chairs gaivota rocking chair at Bodie and Fou
Left: Bodie and Fou / Right: From the desk of Lola
retro style rocking chairs
Left: Miss Moss / Right: Inside Stoop

mademoiselle rocking chair in an interior
Left: Love Nordic / Right: Remodelista
What do you think of rocking chairs? Do you have one or are you coveting one? And what do you think of contemporary vs retro vs vintage?


  1. We have 5 rockers! One that belonged to my Yia Yia (Greek for Grandmother), very traditional style. Four outside on the patio. Two are white with very thick rattan on the back. Two are copies of President Kennedy's rocker that have a bit of wear. Rattan backs and we replaced the rattan seat with seat belt strips. We'll have to bring those in soon as the snow will be flying here in the USA.

    Lovely post, thanks so much.


  2. I've wanted an Eames rocking chair for as long as I can remember! Lovely selection.

  3. I love rocking chairs! There is nothing more relaxing and soothing than to sit on a rocking chair and enjoy some quiet time reading, listening to music or talking to a loved one.

  4. I would love a rocking chair and I hands up admit i'd wrap a blanket round me too despite being in my 30s!!!! When my little girl was a baby I had a sort of rocking chair and it was fab - had to get rid of it when toys took over the house and we ran out of space!! The brightly coloured chairs above are a wonderful addition - an individual item of painted furniture can be a real feature in a room. Its a great way of updating an older style piece.


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