Saturday, October 5, 2013

Weekend temptation

Not that anyone needs an excuse to go shopping, but I think the fact that it's the weekend is as good a one as any! You've worked hard all week, you're relaxing on the sofa, so why not have a little browse and treat yourself eh?!

To tempt you, I thought I'd share the brand spanking new shop just opened online by fellow blogger Bethan and her brother, Joe - Decorators Notebook. I've known about Bethan's plans for the shop for quite a while - they've been working hard on it for the last year - so I was super excited to see the results, especially as Bethan has got oodles of style and always fills her blog pages with great posts.

Her blog generally features quite rustic, country style interiors with muted tones and vintage finds, as well as posts about country life, seeing as she's just relocated from London to the countryside. Therefore it was no surprise that the items in the shop reflect this style - with a real feel of good craftsmanship, muted tones, natural materials and country comfort. It's nice to see a page on the site detailing the group of makers whose products they are showcasing and it's clear the collection has been curated with great care.

Here's a few of my top picks, but do pop over and have a gander at the full range...

Organic cotton cushion - £60

Welsh blanket - £230

Glass collage frame - £10

Pair of beeswax candles - £8.50

Terracotta bowl - £12.95

Walnut wood spoon - £25

1 comment:

  1. Well done on Bethan for putting together such a nice launch collection, I like the photos and the products, specially the blankets...and of course my cushions!


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