Thursday, November 28, 2013

Styling a 'my first home' moodboard

Back in October I was invited to take part in a campaign with First Direct bank to create a 3D moodboard of ideas for decorating your first home. As someone who has bought their first home in the last few years, it was something close to my heart. When you buy your first home, you more often than not, are left with little or no money left over for actually decorating and make the house your home. That was certainly my experience anyway, and it meant getting creative in terms of sourcing furniture, doing a lot of DIY and finding interesting accessories for next to nothing.

So when I was asked to style a moodboard to inspire new homeowners, it was easy for me to use my own experience and share some of the ideas I incorporated into my own home through the scene I styled.

modern vintage style moodboard to inspire first time buyers
And these are the results! It was my first real attempt at styling, and it was so much fun! Basically what my moodboard is suggesting is that you can source lots of fantastic vintage pieces for next to nothing - for example the large trunk used as a table, I found in a charity shop for about £30. It's a coffee table as well as a storage solution. Keep your eyes peeled when you're abroad too - I bought the large botanical poster at a flea market in France for just €10... I had a big smile on my face that day! But to avoid everything in your house being old, I like to mix in some contemporary items and designs from independent designers and the high street. Wallpaper by Thornback and Peel, a cute bear print by Seventy Tree and a chevron rug from Urban Outfitters add modern touches. Save some pennies by making your own cushions covers too - I made the little floral one on the chair and the spotty one on the floor myself.

Vintage Anglepoise lamp and vintage tin contrasting with modern wallpaper
I think the biggest thing I've learnt from owning my own home is, don't expect it all to be finished in one weekend, or even the first few months. The most interesting homes evolve over time, as you live in them and get to know them. It's a constantly developing canvas and if you're patient and take your time, it will be much richer in style than if you splash out buying everything you think you need in one weekend.
handmade fabric embroidery hoops & vintage plate with decals
Caroline Rowland styling a modern vintage moodboard to inspire first time buyers
Mix second hand find with contemporary pieces for a modern vintage interior
On the day of the shoot there were two other bloggers creating moodboards, Carole King, also an online magazine editor like me, and Jenny Wood, who I was nominated alongside at the Cosmo Blog Awards. We all created completely different moodboards, each with their own really strong identity - you can check out the other inspiring boards on the First Direct Facebook page.

If you are hoping to buy your first home soon, then First Direct have some handy tips and advice - believe me, it's worth getting as much help as you can! That part can be scary and daunting, but once you're in your new home, the fun bit begins!

oh, and I'll be sharing some images of my own home next week so keep your eyes peeled for that! xxx


  1. I love the combination of items you've chosen; such a nice colour scheme and mixture of old and new :) xx

  2. Great moodboard and I love the pigeon wall paper. Even now after 10 years in my home I change things and get new ideas, which is why I think neutral walls are quite good, then you can add colour with furniture and accessories without having to constantly re-paint. Initially I chose quite different colours which looked great, but when I wanted a change it limited what else I could introduce to the room! The trunk is a great point too, trunks/ottomans all double up as excellent storage/seating/tables etc

  3. Gorgeous picks Caroline. What a lovely thing to be asked to do! :)

  4. I love your lamp! Is it a vintage Luxo or a new find? I've been looking for one (in yellow) but all the ones I find on Etsy only ship within the US. :-(

  5. I want to live in your 3D moodboard. Lovely!


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