Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A simple Christmas

I haven't went too mad this year with decorations for various reasons; being super busy, the fact we will be away for Christmas and also that we are getting ready for renovations in the new year so the house is a already starting to get in a bit of a shambles as I start to organise stuff for this.

But actually it's quite nice to go a bit more simplistic sometimes, and I was really inspired by the new online magazine from By Fryd which has the most beautiful, fresh and natural Christmas images. My house certainly doesn't look anything like this, but I've been enjoying flicking through every gorgeous page of this mag and feeling serene and festive at the same time...

What's inspiring is that everything looks so easy to put together - the star made from some sticks tied together, pine cones and candles on the table, mini trees planted in ceramic pots and I love the large feather mobile above the table in the last image...

white honeycomb decorations for Christmas
aNautral and simple table setting for Christmas, with pine cones and candles

simple star made from wooden sticks and ribbon for Christmas

Quote from CS Lewis
Simple and natural living room setting at Christmasmini potted Christmas trees on mantelpiece

Simple heart shaped decoration for Christmas

paper Christmas tree decorations

Natural and simple table setting for Christmas with feather mobile

Check out the latest issue from By Fryd asap, I promise it will make you feel happy!



  1. Our cottage is in shambles this year too, so we have downsized for Christmas and I am loving the simplicity. Those images are gorgeous and inspiring. The little trees in the bowls are really touching. x

  2. I love to keep things simple at Christmas and I hate clutter - as you know! :)


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