Thursday, December 5, 2013

Colour pop farmhouse

I'm pretty sure I say this on here every year as winter rolls in; I seem completely drawn to bright colours, I guess it's cos the world seems a permanent shade of grey at this time of year. So when I came across this rainbow farmhouse today, it made me smile and wish that I was brave enough to experiment with colour a bit more! Usually when you think 'farmhouse', you tend to think of natural, neutral colours, pale greens and greys, perhaps some soft pinks here and there, but this house is far from the traditional farmhouse style...

a gorgeous colourful dining table area

a gorgeous colourful dining table area

farmhouse style kitchen

rainbow coloured floor tiles and paintinga

bright collection of ceramic kitchen ware in farmhouse kitchen
I love all the bright ceramics, the multi coloured chairs,the paintings and look at that floor! So bold, I could never do it myself, but I still think it looks amazing! What do you think?!

a brightly coloured farmhouse home

a brightly colourred farmhouse home
The Massachusetts based house is owned by Kristin Nicholas and her husband Mark. Kristin holds knitting and teaching retreats at the farm, and has spent years layering the colour in the home to create the kaleidoscope it is today. You certainly can't deny that it is full of character and personality! I imagine this couple are lots of fun!

eclectic gallery wall a brightly coloured farmhouse homeColourful and fun dining table areagarden area with hot pink chairColourful window seat areaBrightly painted hall and stairsBrightly coloured farmhouse home What do you think? Could you cope with this much colour? I know it would certainly cheer me up at the moment!

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All photography by Rikki Snyder



  1. What a happy home! The perfect antidote to grey winter days. I'm a big fan of colour, it definitely lifts the spirits - but I love simple, light and clean too - just need to find the right balance :)

  2. OMG I want this house!! I love all of it!!!

  3. This house just says, 'come in, take a seat and have a cuppa', such a happy, inviting space. The bright painted furniture really transforms each space, its so vibrant. I love the lanterns too. Colourful floor and staircase may be bit much for me, I prefer plainer walls with bright furniture, rather than all over colour - it stands out more then. Thank you for such a happy post :O)

  4. This is amazing! It makes my rainbow of a house look tame. Must. Add. More. Colour.


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