Friday, December 6, 2013

Stylist Susie Clegg's shop

After yesterday's colour pop of a post, today is a little more subdued - but no less lovely. I really do love it when you come across an online shop you've not seen before, the internet really is a wonderful thing... and it sounds weird, but sometimes it pains me that I will never ever be able to know of ALL the lovely things to be found on the internet, as it is just so vast! But at least it is satisfying when you come across something completely of your own accord, and you think 'what a great little find'...

Vintage poster and vintage school chairs - Susie Clegg shop

Yesterday I came across this lovely little online shop which is run by stylist Susie Clegg. Her work as a stylist means Susie is always on the look out for great props and objects for her shoots, and was constantly being asked if she would sell items she'd found or source similar things for people. So she decided the perfect thing to do was to open an online shop and do just that! Yes, she will even try and source items that you are looking for.

Vintage hymn numbers - Susie Clegg shop

Vintage stools and vintage mirror - Susie Clegg shop

Vintage floral painting - Susie Clegg shop

Glass jars and glazed plant pot - Susie Clegg shop I love the simplicity of the images and I also found the pricing to be really reasonable, which is refreshing when it comes to vintage these days! There's a few things I've got my eye on here in fact, I just hope no-one snaps them up before me!  

letter trays - Susie Clegg shop

vintage schoolroom print - Susie Clegg shop

vintage wall map of Europe - Susie Clegg shop
Visit Susie's shop to see more of her range of lovely items, and check out her styling work too.



  1. What a really nice collection of items, I especially like the stools, I think they would look fantastic in my new kitchen as I have recently decorated it in an old style rustic theme. I'll have to check out the online shop and see what other goodies they have!


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