Tuesday, January 7, 2014

DIY: Fabric clipboards

Regular readers will remember how much of the decorations and the details I made myself for our wedding last June. One of my projects was making these little fabric clipboards to display our seating plan...

wedding seating plan - handmade fabric clipboards
Well as I thought these are something that have many uses, not just for weddings, I've shared the super simple tutorial for making these over on the AO at Home blog. Pop over there now to see how I made them, and some other uses for these pretty little clipboards!

handmade fabric clipboards
handmade fabric clipboards
Wedding pic ©Jemma Watts / Pearl Pictures
Other pics: ©Caroline Rowland


  1. What a pretty idea. I might try making one of these myself.

  2. I adore these! I remember spying them via your wedding photographs and thinking how adorable they were. Thanks for the tutorial. :) Leanne x


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