Friday, January 3, 2014

Stylish family homes

I love seeing inside creative people's homes, but I must admit, I'm also intrigued by family homes. When I was working on the Mollie Makes Home bookazine last year, we did a section on family homes, and one of my questions was always how do you keep your home looking so gorgeous, neat and tidy with kids running amok?! Most admitted that their homes aren't always this perfect, but that they did have certain rules about putting toys away at the end of the day etc. I'm in awe of these people as I struggle to keep our house clean and tidy with just the two of us!

This week I came across a blog called The Socialite Family, written by an ex chidren's fashion journalist, which focuses solely on family homes. The photography is gorgeous and there is a lovely mix of interiors to pore over. Most are effortlessly stylish Paris-based homes, as well as a few from other places such as London and LA.

Here's a little taster, but do pop over for a browse...

family home interiorsfamily home interiors - kids roomfamily home interiors

family home interiors

family home interiors - kids room

family home interiors - kids room

family home interiors - large family kitchen

family home interiors - family kitchen


  1. What a wonderful idea! I think the obsession with designer houses lived in by young people with unencumbered lives is boring. And unrealistic, rather like 20 something ladies advertising anti ageing creams! True style only develops when we share our space with living things. Let's not hide the children's drawings! x

  2. Beautiful. I enjoy seeing spaces with a little bit of clutter - impossible to eradicate it with small children in the house (I have 3), so it needs to become a welcome part of a living space. Really love the thoughtful use of colour too - children's spaces should be this inspiring.

  3. Great post, I have kids and i'm also very house proud, but I love putting their art up and have recently decorated their rooms which was so fun - I think with kids comes creativity (and mess!) and you adapt your home. Family homes are certainly lived in and inviting. Maybe thats why rustic, shabby chic furniture is so popular as you won't notice the chips and marks as easily!! I love all the lanterns hanging in the hallway - so fun.

  4. Lol, great wardrobe on the first photo. I really love it !

  5. the best photos ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!love everything!!!!!!


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