Friday, March 7, 2014

eBay collections

eBay has been around for a long time now, and I've bought and sold lots of things on there in the past, but it still amazes to discover some of the things you can find on there! I've bought everything from furniture to vintage bus tickets (yeah random, I know!) to craft materials for my wedding. It really does seem to be a never ending resource for anything you might need or want!

I was recently contacted by the team running a campaign at the moment, asking me to create some 'collections' of eBay items. So as someone who browses eBay probably on a weekly basis anyway, this seemed like a fun idea. A bit like Pinterest but on eBay!

So I set to work gathering together products fitting some of my fave themes, from industrial style, to quirky lighting to my latest fave topic, kid's room decor!

Here's a little snippet of some of the collections I've put together, but you can see the full collections by clicking on the collages or links below, or why not view all 10 of my collections?

Items found on eBay for Weddings
Wedding ideas collection

cushions found on eBay
Cushion crazy collection
Items found on eBay for stylish kid's rooms
Kid's room collection

Monochrome interior accessories found on eBay
Monochrome collection
What do you hunt for most on eBay? Do you prefer the thrill of the auction or the security of the Buy it Now purchase?! And are you surprised at any of the items here that you wouldn't have expected to find on eBay?

You can find out more about eBay Collections here.


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  1. fantastic picks! love that black and white cushion.


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