Monday, April 7, 2014

Styling your Smeg

Anyone who follows me on Instagram will know we are nearing the completion of our kitchen project! We have been able to use it for a few weeks now, although there are still a few things for the builder to do like finish the worktop, and then we also need to decorate the entire room, paint the island and cupboards and find some extra pieces of furniture - hence the blank wall space in the pic below!

One of the most exciting things for me was finally being able to get the brand new Smeg fridge out of the box! It sat patiently waiting in its packaging for weeks, with me desperate to have a peek and my hand being slapped away by the hubby if I dared go near it! It sounds crazy to be that excited about a fridge, but it's something I've wanted for years, so it's lovely to finally be able to own an item you've patiently saved for. You can also get a peek of our new Smeg oven and hob in this pic too. We went for the white versions from their Linea range, and I'm desperately trying to keep them as pristinely clean as I can! The cupboards above and below the oven will eventually be whitewashed in case you are wondering.

kitchen makeover progress - my new Smeg

Now it seems a weird thing to think about, but I've been wondering about what I guess can only be described as styling the fridge! (ha, maybe being pregnant really is mushing my brain cells!) But I'm sure those of you with similar interior styling obsessions will understand!

Do you go with a carefully chosen selection of items atop the fridge, a beautiful print on the wall behind or a simple flower in a vase perhaps? Here is some of the inspiration I've been gathering online... I'm still unpacking our things and as I said need to get a nice dresser or unit to go next to it, so in the meantime I am pondering....

Smeg fridge styling

Smeg fridge styling with plants

Smeg fridge styling with flowers
Image via Breathe Happiness

Smeg fridge styling with books
Image via Carrie Can Blog

Smeg fridge styling with lemonade crate
Image via Jordgubbar med mjolk blog

Smeg fridge styling - simplistic
Left image via Ninainvorm / Right image via Mokkasin

Smeg fridge styling with plants and art
Image via Oh Joy

Smeg fridge styling - contemporary
Image via Varpunen

Smeg fridge styling - stacks of items
Right image via

Smeg fridge styling - simple storage solutions
Right image via lisbeth sin lille verden blog
Or perhaps you'd prefer a 'naked' Smeg? One left to stand alone in all it's kitchen appliance glory?! 

Smeg fridge styling - plain and simple
Image via Jelanie shop
What are your thoughts Smeg fans?! Have you got one and how have you 'styled' it? Or what would you do if you were me? I'd love to hear your colour choices too - I always knew I was choosing between the pastel green or cream, and I'm so glad I went with green, it gives a lovely subtle pop of colour in the room. 



  1. I can not WAIT to see your finished kitchen, Caroline. I have an insane amount of jealousy in relation to the fridge and the whole room! :) x p.s. I like the flowers and flour pot combo.

  2. OoooH - love it & loving all the posts & kitchen updates. Reckon a top the SMEG is the most perfect place to zjooz your favourite treasures - gorgeous. Am thinking the colour is just like the mint apple Essie nail varnish i bought yesterday ;)

  3. Really love this post! Major SMEG envy!

  4. Oh my goodness, I'm now incredibly envious of you! I'm coveting your SMEG like crazy! I've been in love with these fridge/freezers for years and am desperate to get my own, they are just so very pretty!

    Don't limit yourself to just one display, hang a couple of hooks, change it up occasionally, it'll look grand every way I'm sure!


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